With POS data (Point of Sales) from all major retailers in Scandinavia joined in one reporting tool, it is easy to get valuable data on consumer behavior. effectmanager offers easy reporting through PowerBI, Excel or online reports available through any browser. By combining POS data with your own categorization and districts your Field Force will get instant knowledge about in-store promotions and performance and can easily build best practice scenarios to help the retailer increase sales and utilize their full potential.
With effectmanager’s POS module you can:
• Utilize retailers POS data through PowerBI or Excel
• Improve retailer’s sales by using OOS and OSA reports
• Follow the sales performance of new products
With POS data from Excel or PowerBI, it is possible to utilize the same data as the retailers. With effectmanager you are able to measure your performance on store or banner level, but also aggregate results on wholesaler level to get an overview of performance in stores. This way you can help your customers improve sales based on your analysis of POS data, detailed market knowledge, and product expertise. Helping you build a trustworthy relationship with retailers.

With OOS (out of stock) and OSA (On Shelf availability) tracking reports you can help retailers improve sales by grabbing the lowest hanging fruits. Remember the 80/20 rule and start by focusing on what the 20% bestselling stores are doing right by generating approximately 80% of the turnover.
We can almost always do better in these stores.
Focus on OOS during promotion periods with the reports in effectmanager, that easily shows if several stores did not sell products on a given day during the promotion period.
The OSA report focuses on placing the product on the shelf on time during the promotion period.
Performance of new products can be evaluated with POS data as it provides valuable information about how a new product is selling from stores. Without POS data, you do not get insights into how a newly launched product is performing in stores. Insight on which districts are selling the product best during the first 3-4 weeks will provide valuable input on how a product will perform over time and how it is cannibalizing on your other products.
Using these insights allows you to build a business base for best practice, making it possible to elevate sales in the stores not performing with the new launch.

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